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 Train  Your Own Hero:

Reach Peak Functioning in 4 Weeks or 21 Steps 
(Audiobook narrated by Don Greene, Ph.D.)

Train Your Own Hero Audiobook 

Reach your own best performances in just four weeks or 21 progressive steps. With more than 30 years experience as a peak performance psychologist, Dr. Don Greene will personally guide you on a hero’s journey to achieve your highest levels of functioning, He will share his insider’s wisdom, as well as the voices and stories of several of his clients who won Olympic gold medals, competitive dancing world championships, and professional auditions. You will learn how to prevent unforced errors and self-sabotage and achieve flawless execution under pressure when it matters the most. 

Dr. Greene has taught his peak performance strategies at The Juilliard School, Golf Digest Schools, the Metropolitan Opera Young Artists’ Program, the University of Melbourne, the Merrill Lynch Company in New York, the Royal Northern College of Music, the Vail Ski School, the US Air Force Academy, and as a TED-Ed Educator. He has trained more than a thousand performers to win auditions. He worked with 2 World Championship Teams and 5 Olympic Teams. One professional golfer he worked with moved from 151st in the world rankings to #3. Of the Olympic athletes he trained prior to the 2016 Games in Rio, 14 won medals, including 5 gold. At the 2020 Games in Tokyo, his competitors won 10 medals, including 2 gold. Train Your Own Hero was his seventh book. This is his first audio book. 


In Week #1 of the Hero’s Journey, I cover the Centering Focusing strategy for controlling energy, the left and right brains, learning optimism, developing a positive mindset, building confidence, mental rehearsal techniques, increasing will power, and strengthening courage.

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In Week #2 of the Hero’s Journey,

I cover affirmations, focusing exercises, perfectionism vs. striving for excellence, the importance of humor and having fun, judgment vs. discernment, the power of imagination, creating successful events, self-actualization, peak experiences, being in flow and getting in the zone.

   Intro and Outro
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Intro and Outro are complimentary

In Week #3 of the Hero’s Journey, I cover the work of Dr. Carl Jung and his revolutionary model of the personality. This includes the ego, the persona, the shadow, and the integrated and assimilated Whole Self. You will have a number of meetings with your shadow that will have a profound affect on you and how you perform. 

In Week #4 of the Hero’s Journey, I cover reconciliation, assimilation and integration of the shadow into the Whole Self. You will meet the golden shadow, the source of your untapped creativity and learn about infusing your system with happy neurochemicals, flawless execution and the 7 components of peak functioning.

Intro, Gratitude, and Epilogue are complementary

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